Warp to release Clark's The Last Panthers score

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  • 19 selections from the producer's score for the six-part crime series will drop on March 18th.
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  • Warp Records has announced plans to release Clark's score of crime series The Last Panthers. News of Clark's involvement with the series surfaced in November. The Last Panthers, which stars Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt, was broadcast at the end of 2015, and also featured music from David Bowie ("Blackstar" was its theme song). The forthcoming soundtrack is due out digitally March 18th, and compiles 19 pieces Clark composed for the series. A vinyl version will follow on April 29th. "I was quite shocked when I heard all the final cues from Panthers, lined up in the exact order they appear in the show, in a clinical linear fashion," Clarks says about the soundtrack release. "I thought, 'there's no way that's an album as it is.’ There were about 60 tracks for a start. I felt like I had to rescue it from being a conventional exposition of the music in the series, so I went on an immense chiselling/editing mission and also started writing new material. I think it works as a standalone album, it's a continuous slab of liquid melancholy, it resonates through harmony and texture. Rhythm felt less important." Stream a trailer for the upcoming release below.
    Tracklist 01. Back To Belgrade 02. Hiero-Bosch For Khalil 03. Diamonds Aren’t Forever 04. Panthers Bass Plock 05. Chloroform Sauna 06. Serbian Daffodil 07. Naomi Pleen 08. Open Foe 09. Strangled To Death In A Public Toilet 10. Cryogenic 11. Brother Killer 12. Omni Vignette 13. Actual Jewels 14. Dead Eyes For Zvlatko / Heaven Theme 15. Diamonds Aren’t Forever II 16. Upward Evaporation 17. Hide On The Treads 1 18. Hide On The Treads 2 19. Hide On The Treads 3 Warp Records will release The Last Panthers on March 18th, 2016.