Waldorf introduces Eurorack keyboard case and new modules

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    Wed, Jan 20, 2016, 10:52
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  • The German manufacturer is building up its modular credentials.
  • Waldorf introduces Eurorack keyboard case and new modules image
  • Waldorf have announced a kb37 controller keyboard and a set of new modules, the mod1, dvca1 and cmp1, all designed in the Eurorack format. The kb37 controller is a 37-note keyboard fused to a rack for housing modules, which contains 100HP of space and should be compatible with most Eurorack modules. You can also use the kb37 to house some of Waldorf's own new modules; the mod1 is an envelope generator while the dvca1 is a dual voltage controlled amplifier that includes a "Colour" control based on a "state variable filter circuit" for creating warmer signals. The cmp1 is a compressor module with the ability to sidechain, meaning complex ducking effects should be achievable. The new products build on Waldorf's initial foray into the modular domain, which arrived this time last year in the form of their wavetable module, the nw1. Find out more about Waldorf's new products below.
    Waldorf will release the kb37, mod1, dvca1 and cmp1 in the third quarter of 2016.