Sähkö compiles early Mika Vainio band recordings

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  • Unreleased material from the Pan Sonic artist's '80s group Gagarin-Kombinaatti is now seeing the light of day.
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  • Recordings of Mika Vainio's band Gagarin-Kombinaatti have been released for the first time ever. Aside from his solo work, the Finnish artist is probably best known as a founding member of Pan Sonic, a '90s electronic duo who were pioneers in the realms of techno, power electronics and noise. The latest record from Vainio's long-time home, Sähkö Recordings, looks back even further—all the way to 1983, when Vainio was still working at a slaughterhouse, according to FACT. Between 1983 and 1985 he worked with fellow Helsinki artists Janne Koski and Tapio Onnela as Gagarin-Kombinaatti and produced a number of recordings, only one of which has ever surfaced before. 83-85 collects 12 tracks from the band, and you can listen to clips over at Boomkat. Tracklist 01. Survos 02. Vartioparaati 03. Toisto 04. Tiedonantaja Kirjoittaa 05. Ukaasi 06. Reikäkorttia 07. Massa 08. Protonisuihku 09. Alkuperä 10. Polvella 11. Osat 12. Raskas / Chemical Weapons 83-85 is out now.