Bottom Forty launches record label

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  • Nark, David Sylvester and Futurewife have teamed up as N.D.S.F. for the first release, which is out this weekend.
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  • Seattle's Bottom Forty is turning into a record label this week. The queer collective was launched by local DJs Nark, Riff-Raff, Pavone, Hyasynth and Spaceotter, with a party going down every second Saturday at Kremwerk in Seattle. (For their part, Bottom Forty describe themselves as a "queer powered, dance-centric, multi-media art project and sensory enhancing party, podcast and music sharing site.") The first release comes from co-founder Nark, AKA Kevin Kauer, and two friends of Bottom Forty: fellow Seattleite Futurewife, and David Sylvester from down the West Coast in Portland, and . They've combined as N.D.S.F. for Fine On Your Own, which offers up one original track with remixes from each individual member. The EP will launch with the next Bottom Forty party, and the first of 2016, happening at Kremwerk this Saturday. For details on that, check out the event listing, and listen to clips from Fine On Your Own, below.
    Tracklist 01. Fine On Your Own 02. Fine On Your Own (Nark Remix) 03. Fine On Your Own (David Sylvester Remix) 04. Fine On Your Own (Futurewife Remix) Bottom Forty will release Fine On Your Own on January 10th, 2016.