Panasonic details new Technics SL-1200G turntable

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  • The beloved DJ staple is new and improved, and goes on sale this summer.
  • Panasonic details new Technics SL-1200G turntable image
  • Technics has announced its new SL-1200G turntable, which will be available for purchase this summer. The electronics giant originally announced its plans to revive the legendary DJ turntable last year. The SL-1200G is the first product they've actually detailed since then. A statement on the manufacturer's website details their mission to "redefine" the direct drive turntable. The new SL-1200 class features some of the classic touches, including the heavy aluminium top plate, but it comes with a newly-designed, "twin-rotor surface-facing" motor, along with a more sensitive tonearm, an insulator and a brass turntable platter. It has a pitch range of plus-or-minus 8% or 16%, and can play records at 33.3, 45 and 78 RPM. The limited edition "Grand Class" SL-1200GAE will be available in the summer, while the cheaper, mass-availability SL-1200G will come later on in the fall. It doesn't look like there is much difference between the two aside from the release date and serial number, according to Gizmodo. For full details, check out Panasonic's website. You can read Jordan Rothlein's history of the game-changing turntable here.