Lechuga Zafiro inaugurates new NYC party, HYBRD

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    Wed, 16 Dec 2015, 17:51
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  • The Uruguayan producer will join Joey LaBeija and others for the gig at Trans Pecos this weekend.
  • Lechuga Zafiro inaugurates new NYC party, HYBRD image
  • HYBRD will launch at Trans Pecos this Friday with a set from Lechuga Zafiro. Pablo de Vargas has ties to the Mexico City collective NAAFI and has released on Matias Aguayo's label Cómeme. The Uruguayan producer also runs his own Salviatek label, which delivered his six-track Aequs Nyama EP in November. RA's Andrew Ryce offered an enthusiastic review of the EP, calling it "both au courant and idiosyncratic enough not to be trendy." His NYC debut comes courtesy of Purple Tape Pedigree, a label that has also hosted Wen, Murlo, Dark0 and Lotic in recent months. Their new night is called HYBRD and is dedicated to "the more experimental corners of the club space," promoters say. Joey LaBeija, Eaves and Scraaatch will round out the lineup alongside label boss Geng.