Developer drops plans to build luxury flats next to Bussey Building

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  • The campaign opposing the proposed redevelopment has been successful.
  • Developer drops plans to build luxury flats next to Bussey Building image
  • A plan to build 11 luxury flats next to South London's Bussey Building has been withdrawn by the developer. The plan had been met with strong opposition, with an online petition opposing the flats getting 15,000 signatures. After placing the development on hold, the plan has now been scrapped, with Frame Property cofounder Nick Mansour telling The Peckham Peculiar: "We have taken time over the past fortnight to evaluate our options for the future use of 133 Rye Lane. Over this period we have had some excellent, open conversations with various local business owners, and have reviewed and considered the comments received from the general public both online and in the public meeting at the CLF on [November] the 24th." Mansour added: "It is obvious that there is a huge amount of strength and togetherness within Peckham's local community, and we are very glad that we attended the public meeting to witness this first hand. Our intention has never been to push against the interests of the local community. Indeed we would love to work alongside it, and hopefully help it to develop positively over the coming years. As such, and following careful consideration, we have today instructed Southwark Council that we wish to withdraw the current planning application." Mansour confirmed that "in response to the feedback which we've had and recognising Peckham's growing and diverse business community, we will be developing plans for an entirely non-residential scheme. As part of this approach our intention is now to take a more light-touch, long-term approach to the redevelopment. By taking a longer term interest in this building, we hope to develop good relationships with our neighbours and be a part of all the great things which are happening and will no doubt continue to happen in Peckham. More than ever now, we think 133 Rye Lane is a fantastic site with a huge amount of potential, and are very excited about this new approach. We’re keen to keep our neighbours and other local stakeholders involved in the design process, and will be consulting on our revised proposals as these develop." Located on Rye Lane, the Bussey Building and The CLF Art Cafe is home to regular parties as well as film screenings, art exhibitions, theatre performances and the Rye Wax record store.