Rødhåd reveals next EP, Söhne Der Erde

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  • The follow-up to Kinder Der Ringwelt is coming soon on Dystopian.
  • Rødhåd reveals next EP, Söhne Der Erde image
  • A new EP from Rødhåd is set to arrive later this month. Söhne Der Erde is the high-flying Berlin techno artist's fifth solo release on Dystopian, and it serves as the follow-up to Kinder Der Ringwelt, from earlier this year. With these two records, Rødhåd has moved toward a somewhat more expansive style of production, while reconnecting with vocalist and producer Sara Clarke (the two collaborated on Rødhåd's 2012 Blindness EP, also for Dystopian). Clarke features on this EP's ambient last track "Verhängnisvolle Nebel." Like Kinder Der Ringwelt, the artwork comes courtesy of Viktor Jakovleski. Stream samples for the whole record, starting with the 110-BPM cut "Lookitthat," below.
    Tracklist A1 Lookitthat A2 Maschinenvolk B1 Vivarium B2 Verhängnisvolle Nebel Dystopian will release Söhne Der Erde in December 2015.