PAN to release LP from Gatekeeper's Aaron David Ross

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  • Deceptionista will go hand-in-hand with a new interactive site from Bill Kouligas's label in December.
  • PAN to release LP from Gatekeeper's Aaron David Ross image
  • PAN has announced its latest record, Aaron David Ross's Deceptionista. Ross, AKA ADR, was a member of New York duo Gatekeeper, whose music is often seen as a precursor to vaporwave. Deceptionista is his most prominent solo release yet, but it's not a typical album drop. Not only will it come out via SD Card as well as digitally, it will also launch a new site from PAN using Harm van den Dorpel's Deli Near program. The label describes Deli Near as a sort of social network, "constructed from transient and inter-connected content across various mediums," meant to turn the PAN site into a platform for artist projects and collaborations. Deceptionista will debut the new site on December 11th with an "immersive virtual ecosystem," using an "online tool which feeds out real time video clip uploads from social media platform Vine." It'll be mapped out across an interactive, "video game-like environment" using a channel called Vpeeker to view and process the vines in realtime. Ross will also perform Deceptionista live for the first time this Friday at 3HD Festival in Berlin. PAN will release Deceptionista on December 11th, 2015.