Kevin McPhee unveils new alias, Ian Oakley

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  • The Rise And Fall EP will come out via Wake Up! Records in December.
  • Kevin McPhee unveils new alias, Ian Oakley image
  • Kevin McPhee's first 12-inch under a new pseudonym will land next month. The Toronto artist (who now resides just outside the Ontario megacity) first made waves with 12-inches for [nakedlunch] and Hypercolour, outlining a dusky, UK-influenced sound that eventually evolved into more straightforward house and techno. 2015 has seen him pick up the pace after a quiet 2014, dropping a Gerry Read collaboration on Fourth Wave and an EP on WNCL. Now, for his final record of the year, he's debuting a new project called Ian Oakley. It's also his first release on Wake Up! Records, an imprint run by Benjamin Brunn, who also remixes the title track. Listen to clips below.
    Tracklist 01. Thumbs 02. Rise And Fall 03. Bug Jam 04. Rise And Fall (Benjamin Brunn Remix) Wake Up! Records will release Rise And Fall in December 2015.