Guillaume Coutu-Dumont to release ambient album as Muséum

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  • The Berlin-based producer worked with his twin brother, Gabriel, and Frédéric Aubourg on the new album, out in December.
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  • Muséum, AKA Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, Gabriel Coutu-Dumont and Frédéric Aubourg (who also operates as Oleg Poliakov and Skat), will release their debut full-length via New Kanada on December 7th. Though Guillaume is best known for integrating disparate influences into house tracks produced as Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, the new LP, titled Little Dead Things, sees Muséum look to the trees for inspiration. The label says the group "is characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of whispering pines, spruces and larches." The band tried to nail this woodsy atmosphere using Gabriel's guitar melodies from over the last decade. As a whole, the record took two years to record spanning various sessions in Berlin, Paris and Montréal. Keeping with the traveling theme, Guillaume describes the album's origins in the press release: "I mean, shit, making (this) album was kind of a road trip…I started doing tracks with Fred, and then Gab asked me to help him with some tracks he had. I got more involved with his stuff—then I realized that they were in the same direction as the stuff I started with Fred." Tracklist 01. Across Streams, Rivers And Roads 02. Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet 03. Little Dead Things 04. Kenogami 05. Nine Minutes Of Science 06. Antena 07. A Sudden Portrait 08. Gossips In Venice 09. A Late Afternoon In Time New Kanada will release Little Dead Things on December 7th, 2015.