Exium at the helm for Unknown Landscapes Vol. 3

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  • The next entry in PoleGroup's mix series is due out in December, shortly after the label launches a new digital platform, AINE.
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  • Exium has mixed the third installment of PoleGroup Recordings' Unknown Landscapes series. PoleGroup, the Spanish techno label run by Oscar Mulero, has made Unknown Landscapes an end-of-year tradition. With a key affiliate in charge, each mix is assembled from all exclusive, unreleased tracks, and its CD and digital release is complemented by a vinyl sampler EP. Mulero himself took care of the inaugural set in 2013, and last December Christian Wünsch was given the assignment. At the controls for the third entry is Exium, AKA Héctor Sandoval (solo alias Tensal) and Valentín Corujo (Kessell), a longtime duo with connections to Mulero and his labels PoleGroup, along with its precursor Pole Recordings, and Warm Up, dating back more than a decade. (They put out an album on PoleGroup in 2013.) Exium have picked 24 tracks for the occasion, which come from a blend of PoleGroup artists and producers new to the label. Mulero and Wünsch appear, as do Exium themselves and label-mates Reeko and Kwartz. A few others on hand include Sleeparchive (who released an EP on Warm Up earlier this year), Vril, Inigo Kennedy, Antigone, Dino Sabatini and UVB. Refracted, Eric Fetcher and Pulse One are also contributing to the mix, and each of those three have been recruited for EPs on AINE, a new digital offshoot from PoleGroup that focuses on newer artists. To start is Refracted, an increasingly busy purveyor of deep, hypnotic techno, whose pursuits this year have included launching his own label, Mind Express, and releasing his debut album on Silent Season. His two-tracker for AINE, To Gain Your Own Voice, arrives in mid-January. Fetchers's Matrix Of Life EP and Pulse One's All For You EP will follow, though further details for those two releases are still TBA. Berlin heads can catch Exium, Mulero, Sleeparchive and more in action at a PoleGroup five-year anniversary takeover of Tresor on Tuesday, December 29th. Listen to "Ascension," Mulero's track on Unknown Landscapes Vol. 3, below.
    Tracklist Unknown Landscapes Vol. 3 01. Edit Select - The Freezing Process 02. Vril - knokOKknok 03. Samuli Kemppi - Bioskop 04. Birth Of Frequency - Cold Spell 05. Refracted - Separate Action 06. Jeroen Search - The Method Differs 07. Echologist - 1968 08. Francois X - Crisp 09. Eric Fetcher - Commender 10. Antigone - Printer’s Devil 11. Mental Resonance - Resonant Object 12. Reeko - Regnum Asturorum 13. Oscar Mulero - Ascension 14. Ribé - Deviation 15. Inigo Kennedy - The Shepard Tones 16. Christian Wünsch - Blazar 17. UVB - Fantastic P 18. Kwartz - Doctrine 19. Sleeparchive - Multicolored Works 20. Dino Sabatini - Enigmatica 21. Pulse One - Estrangements 22. Exium - Bextar 23. Allen - Altered Memory 24. Conrad Van Orton - Nathalie Unknown Landscapes Selected 3 A1 Antigone - Printer's Devil A2 Exium - Bextar B1 Inigo Kennedy - The Shepard Tones B2 Mental Resonance - Resonant Object Refracted - To Gain Your Own Voice 01. Ascent 02. The Drums PoleGroup will release Unknown Landscapes Vol. 3 on December 18th, after AINE releases To Gain Your Own Voice on December 1st, 2015.