Roland outlines individual SYSTEM-500 modules

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  • In addition to the all-analog Eurorack components, they're releasing a dedicated carrying case.
  • Roland outlines individual SYSTEM-500 modules image
  • The full specs on Roland's all-analog modular components are now online. Back in April, the famed Japanese manufacturer announced it was entering the Eurorack modular synthesizer market. At the time, their digitally modeled units—the SYSTEM-1m and four processing modules—took center stage, but they hinted at a series of all-analog modules to come. That series, dubbed SYSTEM-500, has now been fully outlined. It consists of the 512, a dual voltage controlled oscillator; the 521, a dual voltage controlled filter with two separate low-pass filters; the 530, a dual voltage controlled amplifier; the 540, a dual envelope generator and LFO; and the 572, a five-stage phase shifter, analog delay, control voltage gate delay and LFO. In addition to the synth parts themselves, Roland has built a place to stick them: the SYR-E84 case, which can fit any devices that conform to the Eurorack standard. No word yet on availability or pricing.