Discogs turns 15, exceeds $43 million in sales for 2015

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  • The online catalogue and retailer has sold over 2.5 million records this year alone.
  • Discogs turns 15, exceeds $43 million in sales for 2015 image
  • Discogs has divulged some recent sales figures, with more than $43 million in transactions registered so far this year. The online retailer, which is celebrating its 15th birthday in 2015, gave Billboard some proprietary data about its recent transactions. So far in 2015, the website has facilitated $43.5 million in sales—that's over 2.5 million records, half a million CDs and 50,000 tapes. The figures reflect a general industry-wide increase in vinyl sales, with the stats in the US at a 25-year high. The average price of vinyl at Discogs has risen over the years, from $10 in 2010 to $13.37 last year, and the user base has grown to almost three million. This year also saw the most expensive record ever sold on Discogs, at a price of $5,958.36 (it was Judge's Chung King Can Suck It). Discogs was founded in 2000 by Oregon-based programmer Kevin Lewandowski as a catalogue for electronic music, specifically drum & bass and techno. It's since expanded to a 40-person operation, with its head office just outside Portland and another one in the Netherlands. They've also got a mobile app on the way for release next year. Photo credit: Jamie Tiller