South London's Bussey Building under threat from redevelopment

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  • A plan to build 11 luxury flats has left a cloud over the future of the multipurpose arts space in Peckham.
  • South London's Bussey Building under threat from redevelopment image
  • A proposed development of luxury flats and retail units has left Peckham's Bussey Building facing an uncertain future. Located on Rye Lane, the Bussey Building and The CLF Art Cafe is a thriving cultural hub. There are regular parties at the complex as well as film screenings, art exhibitions, theatre performances and the Rye Wax record store. It's believed the development would prevent pedestrian access to the courtyard in front of Bussey Building and Rye Wax, which is currently used as an entrance and smoking area. Mickey Smith, Bussey Building's creative director, told Time Out: "There’s an application going forward to convert the building on Rye Lane in front of our venue into 11 flats and eight units to be rented out. The bottom line is: once the flats and shops go into the block, you can forget about the Bussey Building and about everything we do there, because nobody would be able to enter the building properly. It would kill us." Smith estimates that 700 jobs would be lost across the Copeland Park site (which includes Bussey Building) should it close. Rye Wax took to Facebook to voice its concerns, while respected South London DJ Andy Blake voiced his opposition to the redevelopment, saying: "I've really had enough of this crap." Objections to the plan can be made at the Southwark Council website before November 18th. There's also an online petition opposing the development.