Eats Everything and Nick Harris start Edible Records

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  • UK producer Lord Leopard is behind the first release, which drops this week.
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  • Dan Pearce, AKA Eats Everything, and former NRK boss Nick Harris are launching a new label called Edible Records. The project, which launches on Friday, November 6th, will be run out of Bristol, the city that's home to both Pearce and Harris. It will be the Harris's first label since he called time on NRK after 15 years in 2011. Cornwall producer Lord Leopard is onboard for the debut EP, a two-tracker titled Mark Of Passion/Fantastically Well. The releases will be available as a series of 10-inch vinyls, with British artist Nicholas Dixon on design duties. Listen to "Mark Of Passion" below.
    You can also check out this playlist Pearce and Harris have put put together via Audiosplitter, documenting their musical influences.
    Tracklist 01. Mark Of Passion 02. Fantastically Well Edible Records will release Mark Of Passion/Fantastically Well on November 6th, 2015.