Marcel Dettmann, Steve Rachmad and more remix Heiko Laux

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  • Tracks from Laux's Fernweh LP has been reworked and collected on two EPs that are due out in the coming weeks.
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  • Heiko Laux is preparing to release two remix EPs based on material from his 2014 album Fernweh. Fernweh, Laux's fifth solo album and first in eight years, was released last year on the German producer's own label Kanzleramt. (You can still stream the whole thing on SoundCloud.) He's now recruited a squad of techno talent for remixes, while also offering up a few of his own new "treatments" of the original tracks. Fernweh Remixes One features solo reworks of the album's title track from longtime Kanzleramt affiliate Ray Kajioka and Mexican artist Luis Flores, along with a collaborative remix from Flores and Laux, and two new takes on "There There" courtesy of Laux. The second part features Marcel Dettmann, Steve Rachmad (who offers two interpretations) and Kiev's Yan Cook, to go with two more remixes from Laux. Each EP will first come out digitally, with two digital-only cuts, before a vinyl release a couple weeks later. You can tune in to "Fernweh (Decapitated by Flores, Laux)"—which is available as a free download for a limited time—below.
    Tracklist Fernweh Remixes One 01. Fernweh (Ray Kajioka Remix) 02. Fernweh (Luis Flores Remix) 03. There There (Drum) 04. Fernweh (Decapitated by Flores, Laux) (digital exclusive) 05. There There (Dub) (digital exclusive) Fernweh Remixes Two 01. Fernweh (Marcel Dettmann Remix) 02. Neutron (Dub) 03. Fernweh (Downpitch) 04. Shimmer (Steve Rachmad Remix) 05. Neutron (Yan Cook Remix) (digital exclusive) 06. Shimmer (Steve Rachmad Basic Mix) (digital exclusive) Kanzleramt will release Fernweh Remixes One on November 13th, and Fernweh Remixes Two on November 27th, 2015.