Second Plus 8 12-inch surfaces

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  • Another record with more potential Plastikman productions has shown up at Hard Wax.
  • Second Plus 8 12-inch surfaces image
  • There's a new Plus 8 record up for sale at Hard Wax. Last week a new release from the venerable techno label appeared on Hard Wax's website. It was credited to an unknown artist, though the tracks bore a close resemblance (in both sound and titles) to the classic Plastikman material from Plus 8 co-founder Richie Hawtin, who started the label in the early '90s with John Acquaviva. There's still no official information on who is behind the productions, but the catalogue carries the number 25/2, hinting at an ongoing series, perhaps celebrating the label's 25th anniversary. You can listen to clips over at Hard Wax. Tracklist A Purrkusiv B Gymnastiks Plus 8 25/2 is out now.