SoundCloud takes down NTS Radio account

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  • The London-based online station's archive has been removed.
  • SoundCloud takes down NTS Radio account image
  • NTS Radio's SoundCloud account has been removed. The London-based online station's archive was taken down today. "The NTS Soundcloud dream is over," the station said on Twitter. NTS is the latest in a string of radio stations to have their accounts removed by SoundCloud—Berlin Community Radio bit the dust a couple of weeks back. You can still listen to archived NTS shows over at Mixcloud. When contacted by RA for comment at the time BCR's account was removed, a SoundCloud spokesperson said: "We can't comment on specific rightsholders, but we're happy to host any content on the platform as long as it’s properly authorised. If we're told that any content has been posted without permission, we need to remove that content in accordance with applicable law. We understand the frustration for all parties involved and we are constantly reviewing and refining our policies as the new digital ecosystem evolves. Rest assured it's top of our priorities to find a solution that suits everyone."