Andrew Weatherall forced to vacate East London studio

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  • The Scrutton Street Studios have fallen victim to the area's gentrification.
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  • East London's Scrutton Street Studios, best known as the HQ of Andrew Weatherall and a collection of other musicians, has been closed due to property development. The area around Scrutton Street, located near Old Street and Brick Lane, has changed immeasurably since Weatherall moved in 20 years ago. Writing about the eviction in Ransom Note, Weatherall says the studio fell victim to East London's ongoing gentrification. "Deep down I knew about seven or eight years ago that my time was most probably up," he writes. "It was the Saturday afternoon I saw the stretch limo disgorge its hen party payload onto the Old Street pavement but down in my bunker denial was beginning to set in and I felt increasingly like a jungle-dwelling Japanese soldier who refuses to believe the war is over." He adds: "It was a war that saw a fresh atrocity every day. A Ted Baker shop opening here, corporate 'street art' appearing there. Luxury apartments springing up every fucking where." In addition to Weatherall, the likes of Scott Fraser, Timothy Fairplay, Daniel Avery and Richard Fearless all used the studio in recent years. Weatherall is keeping tight-lipped on the location of his next spot. Photo credit: Ransom Note