Rare James Stinson record getting reissued by Clone

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  • Hyperspace Sound Lab, originally released by Stinson as Clarence G in 1991, is coming out via the Dutch label's Aqualung Series.
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  • An ultra-rare record by Drexciya's James Stinson is getting reissued by Clone Records. Stinson, who died in 2002, released a record called Hyperspace Sound Lab in 1991 via Flourescent Forest Rec. These days the record is highly sought-after—one copy shifted for £534 on Discogs—thanks to both its rarity and the fact it was Stinson's first vinyl release, predating his work with Gerald Donald as Drexciya. You can listen to clips over at the Clone website. Clone will be releasing the record in early December through their Drexciya-focused Aqualung Series. Listen to clips below.
    Tracklist 01. Clarence G's Club 02. Turbine 03. Cause I Said It Right 04. Data Transfer Clone Aqualung Series will release Hyperspace Sound Lab in early December 2015.