Take Note music conference launches in London

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  • The new one-day event will be "dedicated entirely to music students and young professionals."
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  • Take Note, a new London-based electronic music conference, will launch on Saturday, November 21st. Organisers say the focus for the one-day event, which is being held at Second Home in Spitalfields, will be less on "high-level industry networking" and more on the next generation of "music students and young professionals" trying to break into the scene. The day will be broken up into a mix of talks, panels and workshops, and Point Blank music school will stage production masterclasses. Attendees will also have the chance to sit down face-to-face with various professionals from across the industry as part of the conference's Inspire Or Hire scheme. From 7 PM, there will be live performances in the main conference area. In terms of artists, Alex Arnout, Kidnap Kid, Ben Pearce, Clive Henry, and Roni Size are all onboard, while the likes of Jerome Pirrott (Warner Bros Music), Ben Molen (Beatnik PR, Insanity Talent Management), Rag Satguru (Grade Management), Danny and Kieran Clancy (Krankbrother), Duncan Dick (Mixmag), Jack Dowling (SJM Concerts) and Jimmy Napes, who writes and produces for Disclosure, offer behind-the-scenes insight. RA co-founder Nick Sabine has also been confirmed. Doors will open at 10 AM, running through until 10:30 PM. We chatted briefly over email with Take Note founder Bianca Mayhew to find out more about the project.
    What inspired you to start Take Note? I've been navigating this industry myself for the last seven years through labels, agencies, and conferences. Whilst being one of the most rewarding careers if you're passionate about music, the industry is notoriously hard to break in to and will constantly throw challenges at you. I want to give young people in music a support system from the early days and in turn ensure they get the best out of themselves and their lives in music. How does it differ from other music industry events in the UK? Take Note has been created entirely for young people at entry level to the industry, so the tone of the panels will be to explain the industry rather than simply discuss it. The focus is on teaching the next generation, connecting them with professionals and discovering talent. The Inspire Or Hire Scheme is a vital dimension of the event where Take Note gives its attendees an opportunity to apply for a meeting with selected professionals and artists in order to seek advice, be inspired or in some cases apply for an actual position. What are your aims for the first edition? I want to create an inviting, relaxed and exciting environment and make sure every attendee leaves the event feeling inspired. I hope they will be a little clearer on the inner workings of the industry, feel more confident in their chosen avenue and have made a connection of some sort that will spark progression in their professional lives. That would be job done in my eyes!
    Tickets to Take Note are available here on RA.