Mule Musiq announces Petre Inspirescu album, Vin Ploile

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  • The Romanian's third record has been almost completely crafted with live instruments.
  • Mule Musiq announces Petre Inspirescu album, Vin Ploile image
  • The next album from Petre Inspirescu will land on Mule Musiq in December. It's titled Vin Ploile, and will be Inspirescu's third LP. His first two—Intr-o Seara Organica... and Gradina Onirica—were both issued by [a:rpia:r], the popular minimal label Inspirescu runs with fellow Romanians Rhadoo and Raresh. The forthcoming LP sees Inspirescu step away from the groove-led house sound he's spent most of his career working with, instead making use of live recordings of piano, strings and wind instruments. Vin Ploile will be Inspirescu's second release on the Japanese label, following the Talking Waters 12-inch released last year. Tracklist 01. Delir 1 02. Delir 2 03. Delir 3 04. Delir 4 05. Delir 5 06. Delir 6 07. Delir 7 08. Lumiere 09. Pan'la Glezne Mule Musiq will release Vin Ploile on December 4th, 2015.