Lee Bannon unveils new project, Dedekind Cut

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  • The five-track EP tHot eNhanceR is the first release from the American producer since abandoning the Lee Bannon name.
  • Lee Bannon unveils new project, Dedekind Cut image
  • Lee Bannon has just debuted his new alias, Dedekind Cut, with a free EP. This project follows the New York producer's most recent album, Pattern Of Excel, which he promised would be his last under the name Lee Bannon. (That ambient-oriented record followed 2014's jungle-inspired Alternate/Endings.) The five-track tHot eNhançeR is the first missive from Dedekind Cut, and it continues his exploration into darker, more abstract territory, featuring experimental collages alongside material that borders on breakcore. You stream the entire EP below.
    Tracklist 01. Harbinger 02. tHot eNhancer 03. Further (With An Open Mouth) 04. NecQ 05. True LoVer$ Knot tHot eNhançeRis out now.