Mental Groove readies six-vinyl Eduardo De La Calle boxset

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  • Due out in February, アナログ・グルーヴス [Collected] brings together—and expands upon—De La Calle's Analog Grooves releases for the label.
  • Mental Groove readies six-vinyl Eduardo De La Calle boxset image
  • Mental Groove has announced full details for an upcoming six-vinyl album boxset from Spanish techno lifer Eduardo de la Calle. The boxset is titled ????·????? [Collected]—the Japanese words there meaning Analog Grooves. Among De La Calle's expansive output of 60 records over the past half decade—and aside from releases on his own label Analog Solutions, and the likes of Nonplus, Cadenza and Semantica—is a series of four for Mental Groove, collected under the Analog Grooves banner. Started in 2012, the project focuses on a more experimental, and more meditative, approach to techno, one suffused with jazz sensibilities and a cosmic mindset. De La Calle and Mental Groove boss Olivier Ducret always planned for those records to be assembled into a proper full-length, and [Collected] does that and more, taking the form of a CD and digital release as well as an expanded vinyl boxset. The first four slabs of wax (which also make up the CD and digital contents) come straight from the original Analog Grooves series, while the last two feature new and rare vinyl-only productions. That includes "Echoes From Planet Earth," a nearly 20-minute long "live space jam" inspired by a couple classics—KLF's 1990 album Chill Out and Galaxy 2 Galaxy's 1993 track "Metamorphosis (The Creation Of I.S.F. Unit ZC-121861 Stardate: 05 30 93)"—and ten locked-groove loops named after the Sun and its planets (and Pluto). For artwork, De La Calle and Ducret looked to the famous Voyager Golden Record that was put aboard each of the two Voyager space probes launched in 1977. Along with the cover, 12 images from the Voyager disc were selected for the individual record labels. Tracklist A Never Summertime Again (Re-modelled mix) B E*E* (Rave signal rework) C E*E* (Deva remake) D Slowlife (Rework) E Yasodamai F1 Blade Runner F2 Repetance G Vasudevas Wonderland H Mental Jazz I The Window Rocket J SP0000 K Echoes From Planet Earth L1 Pluto [8 infinite loop] L2 Neptune [8 infinite loop] L3 Uranus [8 infinite loop] L4 Saturn [8 infinite loop] L5 Jupiter [8 infinite loop] L6 Mars [8 infinite loop] L7 Earth [8 infinite loop] L8 Venus [8 infinite loop] L9 Mercury [8 infinite loop] L10 Sun [8 infinite loop] Mental Groove will release ????·?????* [Collected] on February 12th, 2016.