Crème Organization launches Jericho One sublabel

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  • The offshoot's first three releases will come from BNJMN, Noface and House Of Black Lanterns.
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  • A new Crème Organization sublabel called Jericho One will launch on September 28th with a record from BNJMN. Crème founder DJ TLR says Jericho One "was called into existence to expand the bandwidth of Crème Organization into a more ominous, techno, breakbeat, bass and dare we say 'bigroom' oriented area without diluting the already overcrowded bunks of the mothership any further." TLR adds that it's "not an extension" of R-Zone, the label he set up in 2013 for artists to release their work anonymously, "even though there might be an overlap in sounds somewhere." He adds: "This is no throwback or rave revivalism either. We aim to be firmly rooted in the now, with modern and up-to-date productions. But even then there is no escaping electronic music's staggering heritage. Originality is a myth created by those who simply haven't seen or heard enough, furthered by those working for faux grassroots click-clack media, aimed at creating hypes to harvest advertisement revenue from those who want to feel special. No such pretence here. We live in a world of combinations, re-interpretations ands re-imaginings." The first record, titled Skur, comes from BNJMN and is due out on September 28th. The following two records have been announced, too: Warrior Charge by Noface, AKA Mella Dee, is landing on October 9th, with House Of Black Lanterns' Leather Jacket Love Stories following on November 9th. Listen to snippets of all three records below.
    Tracklist BNJMN - Skur: A1 Skur A2 Herz B1 Nommo B2 Hydrofoil Noface - Warrior Charge: A1 Polar B1 Saturate B2 Warrior Charge House Of Black Lanterns - Leather Jacket Love Stories: A1 Cold (This City) A2 Deep Devotion B1 Midnight Caller B2 A Girl Called Desire Jericho One will release Skur on September 28th, 2015, with Warrior Charge and Leather Jacket Love Stories following on October 9th and November 9th respectively.