Oneohtrix Point Never teases new album, Garden Of Delete

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  • The Warp Records artist uploaded a cryptic PDF today, which includes an interview between him and an alien called Ezra.
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  • Oneohtrix Point Never has shed some light on his new LP, Garden Of Delete, out in November. Earlier today, Daniel Lopatin uploaded a PDF file called "tothefans," which tells the story of how he was starting work on new music. He eventually collaborated with an alien called Ezra, who disappeared on Lopatin before sending him a package of "the most heartwrenching, futuristic kords ever." Lopatin also included a questionnaire with Ezra, which offers a link to the alien's blog, according to Pitchfork. In addition to a number of posts dated more than a decade into the past, the blog hosts an interview between Lopatin and Ezra, where some details of the LP start to surface. The album's title comes from the Q&A, with Lopatin adding that he started it in January 2015, finished it in July and that it will come out in November on Warp Records. ("The R thing is over," he adds, referring to his previous record titles.) He also unveils a few song names, like "Sticky Drama," "Ezra," "I Bite Through It" and "Animals," and says that the LP was influenced by his time supporting Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden on tour (and "cybernetic rock.") He's also promising a short film for "Sticky Drama" in the near future. You can read the whole interview here, and check out Ezra's Twitter account here. Warp Records will release Garden Of Delete in November 2015.