Numark rolls out a new Technics-style turntable

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  • The TT250USB brings familiar design and playability to a notably low price point.
  • Numark rolls out a new Technics-style turntable image
  • The TT250USB is Numark's new turntable. Like Pioneer's PLX-1000, this is a new deck drawing on an old design—its platter, layout and S-shaped tonearm look nearly identical to those found on the out-of-production but still industry-standard Technics SL-1200. Under the hood, the TT250USB featurings a quartz-controlled direct-drive motor with high torque, less than 0.1% wow and flutter, damped cueing and a line-level output. The pitch adjustment, at plus-or-minus 10%, gives a slightly wider range than the 1200 MK2, and as the name suggests, the deck boasts a USB connection for ripping vinyl to digital. Though Numark describes the turntable as "top-flight," it'll set you back considerably less than a new Pioneer or mint Technics. The TT250USB is coming soon from Numark for a suggested retail price of $299.99.