Dave Clarke celebrates 500 episodes of White Noise with compilation

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  • The veteran DJ will share his favourite music from the likes of Mr. Jones and Alavux later this week.
  • Dave Clarke celebrates 500 episodes of White Noise with compilation image
  • Dave Clarke will mark the 500th episode of his White Noise show with a new compilation this Friday, July 31st. The compilation will be released simultaneously with the broadcast of the legendary electro and techno jock's 500th weekly radio show. The 11-track collection will come through The Public Stand with all proceeds ging to No Guts No Glory, a Dutch charity that helps cancer patients without health insurance get treatment. Representing the dual sides of Clarke's musical personality, A White Noise Retrospective features techno tunes from The Public Stand and electro tracks from Bass Agenda Recordings. Mr. Jones, Datrus, Alavux, The Subdermic and others make appearances. "The Public Stand approached me to do this compilation as the label releases a lot of music that featured on my show," Clarke says. "To cover all angles of White Noise I suggested to have Bass Agenda Recordings to provide the electro tracks that have been featured on White Noise past years. Looking back it’s very rewarding to see White Noise caused an ecosystem of labels and artists collaborating. Many artists found a home and, of course, I spotted Mr. Jones, who got me back in the studio again after sending me new material every week. I can do this easily for another 500 shows." Tracklist 01. Mr. Jones - Sounds For The Mute 02. The Subdermic - Electric Cabaret 03. Simplicity Is Beauty - Operators Manual 04. Mr. Jones & George Lanham - Collab #3 05. Clakes T - The Trap 06. Lectromagnetique - Alienation 07. Datrus - Sync Pulse 08. Alavux - Phutura 09. Franck Kartell - Experiences Temporelles 10. W1b0 - Main Squeeze 11. Mazzula - Purple Patches The Public Stand will release Dave Clarke Presents: A White Noise Retrospective on July 31st, 2015.