Kirk Degiorgio presents Mixed By Machine

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  • Ben Sims, Benjamin Damage, Mark Broom and Ctrls will feature on the new mixed compilation in September.
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  • Kirk Degiorgio has put together a mix to celebrate his Machine club night, due out September 23rd. Degiorgio started Machine back in 2011 with co-founder Ben Sims. Beginning in London and since spreading all over Europe and Asia, Machine has a strict music policy where no DJ is allowed to play any record that's more than one year old. In a similar spirit, Mixed By Machine showcases a younger guard of techno with new tracks from Benjamin Damage, Ctrls, Ilian Tape associate Rupcy, Roman Poncet and Droid Behavior's Raiz. But there's also a selection of material from more established names like Sims, Mark Broom, Joachim Spieth and Arnaud Le Texier. Mixed By Machine is also the first release on new label Sound Obsession, named for Degiorgio's monthly radio show. The label says that "the compilation is a calling card for [the] Machine parties, but also a battle cry for techno itself, proving that the genre can still incite shock and awe as ably as ever." Tracklist 01. Christian Wunsch - Unexplained Lights 02. Thope - Firebox 03. Roman Poncet - Black Orchid 04. Joachim Spieth - Never Mind 05. MTD - Programm 003 06. Ben Sims - Rawhide 07. Micol Danieli - C2616 (The Planet Worker Remix) 08. Spherical Coordinates - SCFGM-08 09. Ctrls - Displacer 10. Korova - Transversally ( NX1 Remix) 11. Julixo - Obsecuent 12. Benjamin Damage - Delerium Tremens (Benjamin Damage Remix) 13. Rupcy - Assemblage 14. Relapso - Unmotion 15. Arnaud Le Texier - Rotation 16. Exploit - Utopia 17. Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - Osirus 18. Severin Kwazniak - Seven Sisters 19. J-T Kyrke - Breach 20. Mental Resonance - The Four Kind 21. Raiz - The Struggle 22. Sciahri - The Mind 23. Mark Broom - 133 24. Birth Of Frequency - Bad Tempered 25. Charlton - Vulnerable Sound Obsession will release Mixed By Machine on September 23rd, 2015.
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