Lakker's Tundra gets remixed

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  • Mark Fell, Spaces and Kyoka are among the acts to put a spin on the duo's recent album.
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  • A remix EP of Lakker's recent Tundra album is on the way via R&S Records. Released in May 2015, Tundra was the second full-length from Lakker, the project of Irish duo Ian McDonnell and Dara Smith. Tundra - Remixed features reworks of album material from Mark Fell, Björk affiliate Spaces, Raster-Noton's Kyoka and Primitive World, an alias of Walls' Sam Willis. Both McDonnell and Smith chip in with solo interpretations of Lakker material: McDonnell has reworked "Halite" under his Eomac alias, while Smith tackled "Ton'neru" as Arad. In addition to the eight-track digital release, there will be a 12-inch sampler containing the Mark Fell and Kyoka remixes. For more on Lakker, read Holly Dicker's 2013 interview with the duo. Tracklist 01. Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix) 02. Mountain Divide (Spaces Remix) 03. Three Songs (Kyoka Remix) 04. Pylon (Primitive World Remix) 05. Milch (Acid Mondays Remix) 06. Milch (Lahun Remix) 07. Halite (Eomac Remix) 08. Ton'neru (Arad Remix) R&S Records will release Tundra - Remixed on August 14th, 2015.