Grönland Records announce Harmonia boxset

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  • The influential group, which featured the late Dieter Moebius, will get a five-vinyl retrospective in October.
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  • A five-vinyl Harmonia retrospective is coming out through Grönland Records on October 23rd. The influential krautrock group, which ran from 1973 through '76, was made up of Dieter Moebius (who died this week aged 71) and Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster, and Michael Rother of NEU! (Brian Eno also joined the band for a short time). "We at Grönland have had the pleasure to have worked very closely with Dieter in recent years and we will miss him dearly," the label says. "We knew about his illness and despite this, he continued working closely on the boxset with us. He and Grönland always wanted the box to be a statement of this incredible music and of life itself." Harmonia: Complete Works features the band's entire catalogue—Musik von Harmonia, Deluxe, Harmonia And Eno '76's Tracks And Traces, Live 1974—in addition to Documents 1975, which pulls together previously unreleased recordings from Hamburg gigs and two studio tracks. On top of this, the boxset comes with a 36-page booklet, a live poster, pop-up artwork and a download code for all the songs featured on vinyl. Grönland Records will release Harmonia: Complete Works on October 23rd, 2015.