Other People reaches 100 issues with Imaginary Feast

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  • Holly Herndon, William Basinski, Julia Holter and more collaborated on the new project from Nicolas Jaar's label.
  • Other People reaches 100 issues with Imaginary Feast image
  • Nicolas Jaar has celebrated the 100th issue of his Other People label with a collaborative project called Other People's Imaginary Feast. When Jaar first launched the label in 2013, he promised that it would deliver content to subscribers every Sunday like a magazine. With Other People's Imaginary Feast, those weekly issues have hit number 100, and Jaar has put together a bigger-than-usual package to celebrate. "We asked our favorite artists to send in a short percussive sound," the website reads. "Then, these sounds were given to four drummers who played them using our friend Tlacael's new invention." The "invention" refers to sensory percussion, a project aimed towards achieving the "nuance control of an acoustic drum" for a digital device. Among the participants were Holly Herndon, Julia Holter, Powell, Lorenzo Senni, Austin Cesear, Ena, William Basinski, DJ Slugo and Jaar's ex-DARKSIDE partner Dave Harrington. You can listen to the piece over at the Other People website.