Donato Dozzy readies The Loud Silence

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  • Donato Scaramuzzi's latest record was recorded at his parent's home in the Italian countryside using mouth harps.
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  • Donato Dozzy's next record is coming out via Further Records on October 2nd. Donato Scaramuzzi's instrument of choice on The Loud Silence was the mouth harp. In April of 2015 he travelled back to his parent’s house in the Italian countryside to record a couple of tracks using the harp, which has been "calling to Dozzy ever since childhood, when he had discovered the 'marranzano' on a holiday in Sicily with this parents," according to Further Records. The label says the two-track release was recorded "indoors and outdoors, half-way up mountains and on the edge of the Mediterranean sea." You can read more about the project on Further Records' SoundCloud page. "When you play such an instrument, you'll feel all your bones vibrating to the sound in a sort of chain reaction," says Scaramuzzi. "It becomes an emotional and physical clean up. In Italy, one of the names for the Jew's harp is 'Scacciapensieri,' which literally means 'It kicks thoughts away'." He adds: "In a moment where all individuals seem to act egoistically and not as a tribe, this music gives me the sense of continuity with the past." It's not the first time Scaramuzzi has modelled a release around one sound or instrument—earlier this year he released Sintetizzatrice, which was made entirely from the voice of Rome-based singer Anna Caragnano. Listen to "The Net" and "Downhill To The Sea" below.
    Tracklist 01. Personal Rock 02. Cross Panorama 03. The Loud Silence 04. The Net 05. For Arnaud 06. Downhill to the Sea 07. Concert for Sails 08. Exit The Acropolis Further Records will release The Loud Silence on October 2nd, 2015.