Dialect next up on 1080p with Gowanus Drifts

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  • The Liverpool producer's latest release is inspired by his time in New York.
  • Dialect next up on 1080p with Gowanus Drifts image
  • 1080p's next tape will come from Dialect on August 28th. Dialect is Liverpool's Andrew PM Hunt, who approaches his albums with an "online mix" mentality—meaning they're continuous, flowing journeys. Earlier this year he released Advanced Myth through Tasty Morsels, and Gowanus Drifts is his first tape for the Vancouver label, inspired by the Brooklyn neighbourhood of the same name. "Gowanus was decrepit and decayed with razorwire tumbleweed blowing across cracked sidewalks erupting with weeds and dirt," the label says in a rather evocative press release describing the scenery which gives Gowanus Drifts its darker tint. It goes on to say that the tape, made with field recordings as well as zither and saxophone, "exists within a drone continuum that, for Hunt, started with the psychedelic explorations of Gong, Cluster and Tangerine Dream." Check out an edit of "Waterfront Epiphany" below.
    Tracklist 01. Sunset Park (In The Dark) 02. Waterfront Epiphany 03. Wings 04. Coney Island Fog 05. Flesh In The Pan 06. Gowanus 07. Cloud Chorale 08. Ghost Of Red Hook 09. Broken Pipes 10. Glass Drift 11. Bleak Drift 12. Chewing Springs 13. Quietly, In The House (Last Transmission) 1080p will release Gowanus Drifts on August 28th, 2015.