Benjamin Damage outlines final LP on 50 Weapons, Obsidian

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  • The producer's second solo album will arrive in September.
  • Benjamin Damage outlines final LP on 50 Weapons, Obsidian image
  • Benjamin Damage has a new album coming on 50 Weapons called Obsidian. It'll be the last-ever album release on 50 Weapons, with label founders Modeselektor yesterday announcing its impending closure. (The outlet, which was launched in 2006, was always meant to be a limited operation.) "Obsidian is a collection of fragmented memories from all the music I've ever liked, distorted and restructured into a full-length techno record," says Damage, who was also the first artist (aside from Modeselektor) to feature on 50 Weapons. "It's a purely personal project and an end of an era with 50 Weapons." The album is Benjamin Damage's second solo LP, following 2013's Heliosphere—he also issued a collaborative full-length in 2012 with Doc Daneeka titled They!Live. Listen to album cut "Cosmonaut" below.
    Tracklist 01. Obsidian 02. Cosmonaut 03. Monolith 04. Transmission 05. Pulse Width 06. Shimmer 07. Vostok 6 08. Parallax View 09. Poly 10. Tetrapod 11. HRM TX 12. Trickster 50 Weapons will release Obsidian on September 25th, 2015.