Violet Poison and Giorgio Gigli ready album as Black Tears

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  • The Long Decline is due out in September on Violet Poison's own label.
  • Violet Poison and Giorgio Gigli ready album as Black Tears image
  • Violet Poison and Giorgio Gigli will release an album titled The Long Decline under their new Black Tears alias. The Italian pair are well-known to fans of moody, experimental techno. They formerly co-managed Zooloft, a deep techno imprint that operated between 2009 and 2012. Violet Poison also produces more dance floor-focused material as Obtane, while Giorgio Gigli primarily operates under his birth name. They're no strangers to working in the studio together, having co-produced several 12-inches in the past few years. Judging by the samples on SoundCloud, The Long Decline features a harsher and more abrasive sound than much of what Violet Poison and Giorgio Gigli have made together in the past. The album features 11 tracks, treading the line between noise, post-punk and techno. It's vinyl-only and due out on Veleno Viola. You can hear snippets via the player below.
    Tracklist A1 Adalbert In Chains A2 Dynasty Of Blood A3 Asymmetric Vocalizer B1 Magic Initiation B2 Bridge Of Sighing C1 Trisomia 13 C2 Mountain Of The Wanderer C3 Catharsis Tempore D1 Illusion Dada D2 Fears For Desires D3 The Long Decline VVeleno Viola will release The Long Decline in September 2015.