New artist surfaces on Forum, Sa Pa

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  • The Giegling sublabel will soon release an album called Fuubutsushi.
  • New artist surfaces on Forum, Sa Pa image
  • An album from an artist named Sa Pa will soon drop on Giegling sublabel Forum. The album is titled Fuubutsushi and comprises 11 tracks. As yet, there's very little information on either the artist or album, but judging by the clips over at Clone, it features a ambient and experimental style of techno similar to what has appeared on Forum in the past. The 11 tracks will be spread over two slabs of wax due out in August. Tracklist 01. Deya Navigation 02. Russolo 03. Steppenwolf 04. Adelaide 05. Boss Walks 06. Womb 07. Tegularius 08. Cagean Cramps 09. Pessel 10. Underwater Rock Walk 11. Epiphanic Forum will release Fuubutsushi in August 2015,