Vibraphone Records announces reissue campaign

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  • The lauded—and long inactive—Italian label is getting back to work first with a remastered version of its 1992 Bermuda Triangle EP.
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  • Cult Italian deep house label Vibraphone Records is relaunching. Vibraphone, based in Rome, was active for just a couple years in the early '90s. Its key players were Stefano Curti, Stefano DiCarlo, Mauro Ruvolo and Mauro Tannino, a group of friends who produced Chicago and Detroit-inspired tunes under a handful of names, including what served as the label's slogan, The True Underground Sound Of Rome. The label would issue seven records, almost all of which are highly sought-after these days. Its fourth release was from The Bermuda Triangle, an alias comprising all four artists. (Tragically, Tannino died in a skydiving accident in 2000.) To mark Vibraphone's relaunch, that one has been remastered and reissued as a double-vinyl pack featuring two new tracks, "Tanna" and "Star Ariel." This is the first new action from Vibraphone, but the resurgent label is embarking on a campaign to reissue its entire back catalog, along with material from the affiliated Male Productions imprint. Next up will be the Minimal Vision's Magic Staircase EP, initially the second record on Vibraphone. Plans to release more new and unreleased tracks are also in the works. Vinyl-only is the idea for now, but the label has also mentioned plans for a CD box set, to be released next year. You can hear The Bermuda Triangle 1992-2015 in its entirety below.
    Tracklist A1 Mary Celeste A2 After Glow B1 Marine Sulphure Queen B2 M C1 The Vagabond C2 Freya D1 Tanna D2 Star Ariel The Bermuda Triangle 1992-2015 is available now on Vibraphone Records.