SoundCloud introduces streaming limits

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  • Songs that are not streamed directly off the company's website will be subject to a limit of 15,000 plays per 24-hour period.
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  • SoundCloud will enact streaming limits on third-party applications starting July 1st. The new policy is being established so that SoundCloud can effectively capitalize on its new ads. The company recently introduced advertisements that will not play if content is streamed via websites like this one. Starting July 1st, websites that use the SoundCloud API will be limited to 15,000 plays per 24 hours. Tracks played through SoundCloud's own embedded player on other websites will not be affected. The German company announced the news via their Backstage Blog, positioning the move as a strategy to deal "with an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content." Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that these limits would apply to outside websites like Resident Advisor. This is not the case—they'll only apply to API play requests.