Magas launches Midwich label

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  • The new Detroit outlet will release two records next month.
  • Magas launches Midwich label image
  • Magas's new label will launch with his own Heads Plus EP and Moon Pool And Dead Band's MEQ double 12-inch on July 17th. Magas has been dabbling in noise and electronic music since the '90s. He ran the seminal US noise label Bulb Records, the imprint that gave Wolf Eyes their start. Fittingly, Midwich will launch with MEQ, a record by Wolf Eyes member Nate Young's live techno group, Moon Pool And Dead Band. Midwich describes MEQ as "an album of swinging, dirty, analog techno-funk, created with mountains of old synthesizers." The title track stands aside seven remixes, with versions from Young as well as JTC and Interdimensional Transmissions affiliates BMG and Patrick Russell. Magas will also release an EP of his own via the new outlet. The five-track Heads Plus EP is his first proper release since 2009. Check out Magas's "Machete King" below.
    Tracklist Moon Pool And Dead Band - MEQ 01. MEQ 02. MEQ (Michael Dykehouse Mix) 03. MEQ (Patrick Russell Mix) 04. MEQ (JTC Mix) 05. MEQ (BMG Interdimensional Mix) 06. MEQ (Erno Mix) 07. MEQ (Ice Cold Chrissy Mix) 08. MEQ (Nate Young Wolf Eyes Mix) Magas - Heads Plus 01. Heads Plus 02. Checkers 03. Machete King 04. Countess 05. Layers Of Understanding Midwich will release Heads Plusand MEQ on July 17th, 2015.