Edizioni Mondo collects first four vinyl releases on CD

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  • The Running Back-affiliated label will release its first compilation in August.
  • Edizioni Mondo collects first four vinyl releases on CD image
  • Edizione Mondo will release the Collezione compilation on August 7th. Mondo is a Running Back-related label run by Francesco De Bellis. Drawing inspiration from Italian documentary films (the term "Mondo" refers to that specific film genre) and library music, it focuses on releasing organic downtempo and ambient music. The label launched in 2013 with a release from De Bellis under the name L.U.C.A. called Precipizio. Three more EPs have followed since then: Laguna from ROTLA (AKA Raiders Of The Lost ARP), Dune from Studio 22 (a collaboration between De Bellis and Federico Costantini) and most recently Odeon's Selva, which dropped back in March. That four-record cycle, seasonally described as "a journey through the rise and fall of the sun, the bright light of a spring day, the warm wind that dissolves the sand on its way to the rainy season," had initially been available only on vinyl. Collezione brings all four EPs together onto a single disc. Tracklist 01. L.U.C.A. - Blue Marine 02. L.U.C.A. - Cacciatori Di Frodo 03. L.U.C.A. - Precipizio 04. ROTLA - In Viaggio 05. ROTLA - Foce Verde 06. ROTLA - Bosco 07. ROTLA - Laguna 08. Studio 22 - Dune 09. Studio 22 - Pic Nic 10. Studio 22 - Vento Dominante 11. Odeon - Anxur 12. Odeon - South Bay 13. Odeon - Maga Circe Edizioni Mondo will release Collezione on August 7th, 2015.