Pépé Bradock revisits 'Deep Burnt' on Atavisme

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  • The enigmatic French artist has a couple of new records on the way, including a reissue of his most famous tune.
  • Pépé Bradock revisits 'Deep Burnt' on Atavisme image
  • Pépé Bradock has two new 12-inches on the way, including a fresh release for his 1999 classic "Deep Burnt." Both records will come out on the Frenchman's own Atavisme label. First up, on June 1st, is Deep Burnt Edits, a two-track record reprising the iconic deep house cut that first appeared on Kif Recordings 16 years ago. Though details are still a bit vague, the tracklist—the A-side is titled "Surprise!", while the flip is called "The Surprise Is That There Is No Surprise!"—suggests the original version of "Deep Burnt" does appear on the record. Phonica say the 12-inch is a "limited serialised edition that will be number stamped and shrink-wrapped." That'll be followed by a record of new material called Le Fada. That one's due out on June 22nd, with Bradock describing the record as "a tribute to a very precious gift sent from Bagdad to Aachen via Jerusalem that would have never arrived in Northern Europe without an heroic Jewish Man from the South of France." Tracklist Deep Burnt Edits: 01. Surprise! 02. The Surprise Is That There Is No Surprise! Atavisme will release Deep Burnt Edits in early June 2015. Le Fada will follow on June 22nd.