Nils Frahm scores German film, Victoria

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  • The soundtrack will see release via Erased Tapes in June.
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  • Nils Frahm has scored a one-take German film called Victoria, with the soundtrack seeing release through Erased Tapes on June 15th. Victoria is a one-take film shot in Berlin by German director Sebastian Schipper. It won the prize for best cinematography at this year's Berlinale film festival. It has also been nominated in seven categories—including best soundtrack—in the Deutscher Filmpreis, Germany's highest film award. For his score, titled Music For The Motion Picture Victoria, Frahm enlisted cellist Anne Müller, violist Viktor Orri Árnason and guitarist Erik K. Skodvin. The soundtrack opens with a DJ Koze edit of his own track, "Burn With Me." The film is getting released across Germany on June 11th. There are plans to release it in other countries too, including the UK. Frahm has also published a statement about his score:
    : Dear viewer and listener, I’ve finally written music for a film. It took me some time to do so, as I was patiently waiting for a movie that would truly speak to me. When director Sebastian Schipper invited me to work on Victoria, I knew it was worth the long wait. Does such a strong film even need music? I realised it wouldn’t be easy to create a score that embraces these bold pictures. Luckily we were given unusual creative freedom by approaching the movie together with Sebastian Schipper, who was keeping the production and direction to one single team. The score was recorded in a special location, the former GDR broadcasting production facilities that today host Studio P4. We simply put a big screen in the middle of the room, filled it with microphones and instruments, set the movie on loop and kept improvising on top of it together—my good friends and I. The guest musicians started their recording session by playing a cohesive take over the course of the whole movie. This was the most interesting part of the day, since they hadn’t seen the film before. They became spectators and creators at once, intuitively recording hundreds of different cues that way. You are about to listen to some of its highlights. I hope they do Victoria and your ears justice. With love, Nils Frahm
    Listen to one of the soundtrack's pieces, titled "Them," below.
    Tracklist 01. Burn With Me (Victoria Edit by DJ Koze) 02. Our Own Roof 03. A Stolen Car 04. In The Parking Garage 05. Them 06. The Bank 07. The Shooting 08. Nobody Knows Who You Are 09. Pendulum 10. Happy New Fear (Bonus track by Deichkind) 11. Marilyn Whirlwind (Bonus track by DJ Koze) Erased Tapes will release Music For The Motion Picture Victoria on June 15th, 2015.