King Midas Sound's Roger Robinson goes solo

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  • The Horsedreamer project will release its first EP later this month.
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  • Roger Robinson, of King Midas Sound fame, will kick off a new project called Horsedreamer with the Bolder EP. Work began on the first EP from Horsedreamer all the way back in 2009, when Robinson started to write lyrics. It wasn't until later on that songwriter and producer Piers Faccini would seal the deal, helping Robinson with arrangements and melodies, inviting him to work on the EP in Faccini's studio in the south of France. The press release describes Horsedreamer's sound as "slowcore folk" with "sparse instrumentation, ambient textures, eerie tension and story songs." "Piers brings music and melody, filling in the blanks until the page is complete," Robinson says. "And that was the beginning of our songwriting partnership—that’s when we became a team." The Bolder EP comes via Beating Drum, and the release on May 11th will be accompanied by a comic book illustrated by Faccini with text from Robinson. It tells "the enigmatic story of two renegade wanderers in the badlands of an imaginary central American wasteland." Stream first single "Mexico" below.
    Tracklist 01. Nowhere 02. Mexico 03. Bolder 04. Save Me Beating Drum will release Bolder on May 11th, 2015.