Gareth Whitehead readies debut album, The Brood

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  • Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Eddie Fowlkes have been tapped for guest spots.
  • Gareth Whitehead readies debut album, The Brood image
  • Glasgow producer Gareth Whitehead will release his debut album, The Brood, through his own Bulletdodge label in June. Whitehead founded Bulletdodge as a digital-only label in 2008. Since then the imprint dropped almost 20 digital EPs and a handful of vinyl releases, including a few by Whitehead himself. According to its press release, The Brood is "a reflection on the history" of house and techno, and Whitehead has fittingly called upon a batch of influential names from both genres as collaborators. Each of the album's 16 tracks features at least one guest artist, with US house classicists Robert Owens, Marshall Jefferson and Eddie Fowlkes, plus New York techno legend Frankie Bones among the bigger names. The album drops on June 29th. Tracklist 01. The Beginning feat. Tom Taylor 02. How Can I feat. Marshall Jefferson and Robert Owens 03. In Mind feat. Mash 04. What I Say feat. Inxec 05. Need It feat. Sqyre and Mia Wallace 06. Why feat. X-Press 2 07. The Villain feat. Detroit Grand Pubhas, Raymond, Lindsay and Kendal 08. Sustain feat. Andy Slate 09. Upsurge feat. Eddie Fowlkes 10. Whitehead, What It Is feat. My Evil Twiin, Paris The Black Fu and Darren Emerson 11. About Time feat. Michael Greig 12. Glitz feat. Ben Long 13. E2X feat. Lenny Dee and Frankie Bones 14. Give Me Something feat. Carl Cox and Steve Ward 15. Whitehead, P-Ben - Lift feat. P-Ben 16. Spinning feat. Adamski and Werner Niedermeier Bulletdodge will releaseThe Brood on June 29th, 2015.