Nachtdigital announce new festival, Nachtiville

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  • The beloved German event will host a Dutch edition in November 2015.
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  • The crew behind Germany's Nachtdigital have announced details of a new festival called Nachtiville, taking place in the Netherlands from November 13th through 15th. This new festival will be held in De Eemhof, a short drive from Amsterdam. In keeping with its parent festival, organisers say Nachtiville will aim to create a cosy, friendly atmosphere. Though the lineup for the festival hasn't been revealed yet, we're told to expect "a carefully selected balance of rave and recharge." We spoke to Nachtiville's music curator Steffen Bennemann to find out what he has in store.
    Why did you and the Nachdigital crew decide to start a new festival? We were approached with the idea to do a festival in a bungalow park in the Netherlands. And once we started thinking about it, things just seemed to fall into place. Especially after we saw the venue. It all made so much sense. Nachtiville opens a whole new world for us: it's in autumn, so all stages will be indoor. It comes with completely different settings and conditions—so it's a big challenge for us to fill this space with our vibes. But that's exactly what we like about it. It's something different and it's exciting for us to work on something new, starting from scratch again. Tell us about the location and how it was found. People who know the location approached us with the idea to do something there. So pretty soon after the initial contact we went there to take a look at it, and we came back glowing with excitement. It's a proper holiday bungalow park just outside of Amsterdam, where families go with their kids etc. The bungalows are pure luxury and the whole area is really well done, a pretty nice combination of nature and infrastructure. The setting might seem a bit weird at first sight but the more we work on our ideas how to use them, the more it becomes this wonderful world of its own. We can't wait to see it in action. Can you tell us anything about what you've got planned in terms of bookings? It's too early to come up with specific names but we will try to somehow transport our typical Olganitz vibes to De Eemhof. So for the first year we will rely on some names who have already been part of the Nachtdigital history. After all that's part of our identity. But it will be exciting to see how Nachtiville will develop its own character. Even if we would book exactly the same acts there it would be a very different festival due to the specific settings. So it's also a big chance for us to experiment, to try something we couldn't do in Olganitz or which would have a totally different effect there. The overall line of booking will be typically Nachtdigital though—some classic names, some new ones, but always high quality. A carefully selected balance of rave and recharge.
    For more information on Nachtiville, head to the festival's official website. And for more on Nachtdigital, whose 2015 edition runs July 31st through August 2nd, read our review of last year's festival.
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