Akai Professional drops the MIDImix

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  • Aimed at helping producers mix and process their DAW sessions on-site, the controller is due out in June.
  • Akai Professional drops the MIDImix image
  • The latest Akai Professional controller, set for release this June, is called the MIDImix. Designed as a portable mixer, it's arranged into eight channels, each with a line fader, three knobs and two buttons that can mute, solo and record-arm the assigned tracks. (There's also an extra line fader to be used as a master track.) With the press of a button, you can send all of the mixer settings to your DAW, with the idea being that producers and performers can mix outside of their studios and then take what they've constructed back to their sessions for later tweaking. The MIDImix maps to Ableton Live out of the box; a "lite" version of the DAW is included with the purchase, though Akai Professional promises compatibility with "virtually any DAW." Akai Professional will release the MIDImix in June 2015 for an estimated retail price of £59.99.