Man Power to release debut album on Correspondant

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  • The self-titled LP is coming out May 25th.
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  • The first Man Power LP will land in May on Correspondant. "When I first started the Man Power project, I'd always envisioned it as being based around an album, and I was lucky that Correspondant gave me the time to work on it properly," says Man Power, whose real identity is under wraps. "If there's a common thread running through the album it would be 'naiveté,' hopefully this comes across. I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted people to like the album, but ultimately it's me at my most honest, so it simply is what it is and it couldn't have made anything different even if I tried." In addition to Jennifer Cardini's label, Man Power has has previously appeared on Hivern Discs (he's also got a track on an upcoming Correspondant compilation). The label says Man Power touches on elements of jazz, techno and Balearic. Watch a video for the track "Inside" below.
    Tracklist 01. A Start Of Sorts 02. Boys Beware 03. Bielsteiner feat. M.Rolfe 04. French Basic 05. Forget To Remember 06. Lude 07. Hunting Swan 08. Tofu ist der Teufel 09. Inside 10. TEN 11. Fin Correspondant will release Man Power on May 25th, 2015.