Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum return as JETS

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  • The four-track Chants EP will come out via Ultramajic in May.
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  • JETS will make a comeback on May 11th. The collaborative project between Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum (Areal name Travis Stewart) surfaced back in 2012 with a self-titled EP on Leisure System and a handful of live performances. Once the duo announced their Ultramajic label, however, JETS seemed to be pushed to the side in favour of new solo EPs from Edgar and Stewart (the latter under the name Aden). With The Chants, the duo are staging a return, this time on Ultramajic with "an approach to production that deals in the paradoxes and ambiguities of both studio songwriting and raw live performance," according to the label. "Our first record was more of us finding out space and creating a new environment of sound to work with," the duo say. "This release was much more about exploring the building of our creation. We spent a lot of time on the sounds, which were mostly from digital hardware sources. We also focused on the recording process more than ever, as we mixed the record on mastering equipment and experimented with bouncing parts onto tape." You can stream the title track below.
    Tracklist A1 The Chants A2 U-N-I B1 Pyrite Blue B2 Pink Beat Ultramajic will release The Chants on May 11th, 2015.